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The Fourier Series, & Rectify and Oscillate GIFs model wave-like surfaces by summing sine and cosine waves.

The Overtones and Periodicity GIFs apply algebraic curves and sine waves to three-dimensional bitmaps.

The Facade, Facade 2 and Portal GIFs apply sine waves to bitmap images.

Parallel and Oblique animate overlapping, three-dimensional, curvilinear and transparent forms.

The Interpolate, Veil, Concentric and Moire GIFs animate closely packed lines and curves to create moiré patterns.

Six Degrees of Freedom generates symmetrical patterns from perspective renderings of overlapping and rotating polyhedra. These wireframe forms endlessly rotate in shared digital space.

Girih Extended, Arabesque and Seven are design systems similar to girih tiles, a medieval Islamic patterning technique. Like the original girih tiles, they facilitate the generation of complex patterns. Instead of constructing patterns line by line, we can design by tiling polygons. The application of scaling, arabesque, and heptagon-based polygons to girih tiles shares much in common with, but extends girih pattern possibilities. Also see the Narrative.

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